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Want to present?

Then you need to write an abstract!

Want to present?

The program and speakers for the ISA2022 conference are determined by a committee that are selected by ISA centrally . The local committee that assists with the practicality of the conference will have one representative in the form of Johanna Deak Sjöman.

Submit your abstract here!

Many who want to present submit several different abstracts in order for the committee to select the abstract (s) they think best fit into the program. Some submit as many as 5-10 abstracts, but ISA has now limited this to a maximum of 3 abstracts! The usual process is then that one or a maximum of two abstracts are selected for the conference.
When writing your abstract, you may want to consider the following:

  • The abstract must be in English
  • You will have 30-45 minutes to speak
  • ISA is an international conference so the topic should be of interest to an international audience.
  • If you want to talk about a local issue, you must therefore link this local question to international challenges / issues.
  • Be very clear about why your topic is interesting and what the audience will get for new information
  • You might want to include the following in your abstract:
    • Why is the question important?
    • How did you work on the issue?
    • What was the result?
    • What do the audience learn?

There´s no guarantee that you will be selected to present just because you´ve submitted a abstract, but hopefully there recommendations will help you!


ISA has decided to reimbursed all presenters with 300 USD and free conference registration (not include any ticketed items including tours, workshops, or other additional events ).


The call involves a registration in the Currinda system that allows you to set up an account linked to your submission. The submission itself includes an abstract of 500 words maximum, and a shorter synopsis of 150 words maximum.

Submissions must be done via the following link


Deadline for submitting abstracts is January 14th 2022.


We fully understand that you might have questions concerning the conference and the abstract submissions. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact US via