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Visiting Malmö

Visiting Malmö

What to do in Malmö?

75 things that makes Malmö Unique!

“In Malmö, everything’s amazingly close at hand.” It’s no more than 10 km from the centre to the city boundary, and there are 490 km of cycle paths within the city. There are long beaches with excellent bathing water quality within walking and cycling distance of the centre. Along the coastal strip are the bathing houses of Ribersborg (build in 1898) Sibbarp. By the coast of Malmö are approx. 2,000 berths for leisure boats at places including Limhamn, Dockan and the Western Harbour.

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Malmö has so much to offer that it can be hard to decide what to do so use these tips!

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The official visitor site of Malmö, Sweden is a good starting point, but if you want to have more material you can visit one of the many infopoints!

What does Lonely planet say about Malmö?

Sweden’s third-largest city revels in contrasting the old and the oh-so-now: from the gabled Dutch-Renaissance buildings of Gamla Staden (the 'Old Town'), to the unapologetically modern architecture of Västra Hamnen's redeveloped waterfront. Here, Scandinavia's tallest building twists its way skyward, gazing down over the vast Öresund bridge – both modern engineering marvels that reflect multicultural Malmö's progressive outlook.