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Planing your trip

Planing your trip

Since many of you will be traveling from all over the world to get to the ISA2022 conference we have tried to answer some of the many questions you might have, but please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions!

Fly to the right airport!

It might seem illogical, but you should fly in to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup)! Malmö does have a airport, but this is a very tiny thing with few international flights. It´s therefor better to fly to Copenhagen and take the train to Malmö. The train ride is just about 30 min and the boarder control (if any) is compleated on the train by just showing your plassport to the officers.

So do not fly to Stockholm if you´re not interested in taking a 4,5 houer train ride to Malmö!

Cost of travling!

If you book your flight in time you might get a very good price. Below is some examples of the prices of a return ticket that was retrived on March 7th of 2020 (before Corona/Covid-19) for a return flight arriving on September 11th and departing September 17th 2020:

  • Atlanta to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 820 USD (One stop)
  • Chicago to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 870 USD (Direct flight)
  • Chicago to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 490 USD (One stop)
  • London to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 95 USD (Direct flight)
  • Los Angeles to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 800 USD (Direct flight)
  • Los Angeles to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 620 USD (One stop)
  • New York to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 700 USD (Direct flight)
  • New York to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 500 USD (One stop)
  • Paris to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 100 USD (Direct flight)
  • Rome to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 100 USD (Direct flight)
  • Sydney to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 850 USD (One stop)
  • Sydney to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 790 USD (Two stops)
  • Tokyo to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 1 200 USD (Direct flight)
  • Tokyo  to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) - 800 USD (One stop)


Cash isn't king - in the Nordic Countries!

You will not need any cash when visiting Sweden, so don´t bring any Swedish money for your trip! The Nordic countries, and Sweden inparticular, have started to abandone cash and you can read more about this via the following link. The conference hotell is also compleatly cash free, so you will not be able to buy anything with cash at the venue.

During your visit to Denmark it might be good to bring some cash, but all main restaurants, shops and bars will accept payment by card.