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ISA 2021

The 2021 ISA Annual Conference and ITCC

ISA 2021

The 2021 ISA Annual Conference and Trade Show will be held in Malmö, Sweden, while the ITCC will be held prior in Fælledparken, Copenhagen, Denmark. These events showcase ISA’s global reach and the local chapters’ history and flavor.

The event is hosted by the Swedish ISA Chapter, in partnership with their Scandinavian colleagues Denmark and Norway, 10 September – 15 September 2021.

The speakers will present in English


What to do in Malmö?

75 things that makes Malmö Unique!


“In Malmö, everything’s amazingly close at hand.” It’s no more than 10 km from the centre to the city boundary, and there are 490 km of cycle paths within the city. There are long beaches with excellent bathing water quality within walking and cycling distance of the centre. Along the coastal strip are the bathing houses of Ribersborg (build in 1898) Sibbarp. By the coast of Malmö are approx. 2,000 berths for leisure boats at places including Limhamn, Dockan and the Western Harbour.

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Malmö has so much to offer that it can be hard to decide what to do!

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What does Lonely planet say about Malmö?

Sweden’s third-largest city revels in contrasting the old and the oh-so-now: from the gabled Dutch-Renaissance buildings of Gamla Staden (the 'Old Town'), to the unapologetically modern architecture of Västra Hamnen's redeveloped waterfront. Here, Scandinavia's tallest building twists its way skyward, gazing down over the vast Öresund bridge – both modern engineering marvels that reflect multicultural Malmö's progressive outlook.



What to do in Copenhagen?


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Most of Copenhagen's most popular attractions and sights are within walking distance.

With a history that dates back to 1043, the city is full of historic landmarks, significant buildings and interesting sights and museums.


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What does Lonely planet say about Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is the epitome of Scandi cool. Modernist lamps light New Nordic tables, bridges buzz with cycling commuters and eye-candy locals dive into pristine waterways.


Absout the chapters

This partnership of three organizations, with the ISA Swedish Chapter as lead organizer, offers an exciting opportunity to highlight different components. The ISA Swedish Chapter is the largest in Scandinavia with more than 700 members. The chapter is committed to supporting research; each year it organizes an annual conference which hosts over 300 participants and a cadre of international presenters. The Danish Tree Association, an active ISA chapter, supports research and educational activities on several levels and helps sustain and elevate professional standards with a certification program for arborists. Together, with the University of Copenhagen, the Danish Tree Association holds the annual Danish Urban Tree Conference drawing more than 200 attendees.

Swedish Chapter

The Swedish Chapter of ISA, together with our Scandinavian colleagues in Denmark and Norway, are extremely happy to have been given the opportunity and responsibility to organize the 2021 ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show and the International Tree Climbing Championship (ITCC).

The events give us the opportunity to show the world of arboriculture what is happening in Scandinavia and Europe. At the same time, the events tie in to our joint history with the Scandinavian Chapter being the first chapter of ISA outside of USA and Canada.

The entire event exemplifies the history of the Scandinavian chapter and ISA working together as an international organization. The ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show will be held in the city of Malmö, Sweden, which is well known for being an international city with residents from 182 countries. The ITCC in Copenhagen, Denmark, where ISA truly became International — with its first chapter outside of North America— is equally remarkable. Just imagine the excitement of experiencing two countries during the same event!

Danish Chapter

The ISA Danish Chapter is well known for its international connection. As the first chapter outside of the USA and Canada, the Danish Tree Association, under chairman Niels Hvass, joined the ISA as the “ISA- Scandinavian Chapter,” together with Sweden and Norway in 1987. It is excited to host the ITCC and take ISA back to its old roots!

We are so happy to have such a fantastic place to host the ITCC; just imagine being able to compete in front of one of the royal castles in the center of Copenhagen.

We are already forming a committee that includes our Scandinavian colleagues, and are sure this will be a fantastic opportunity for participants to experience the excitement of a truly amazing international event!

Norway Chapter

The Norwegian Tree Association is an important meeting place for everyone that works with urban trees in Norway. They organize a national conference with around 150 participants and is part of the Nordic research fund for urban trees. The Norwegian Tree Association is a dedicated member of ISA and have translated many of the Trees Are Good folders and regularly run TRAQ-courses.

The Norwegian Tree Association is proud to be part in re-uniting the Scandinavian chapter for this historic event. We look much forward to supporting the Danish chapter with the ITCC and the Swedish Chapter with the ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show!